How to increase the visibilty of your iOS applications

Here is a quick list of what you must think about when you want a good visibilty.

You must keep in mind that EVERY point is needed. If you focus on only one, it will probably useless.

  • Your app icon must be attractive, and you screenshots as well. Most of the time, people will decide in a few second to download your app or not.
  • Your app must of course be useful or follow a trend.
  • A short description is appreciated, at least the first paragraph must make you understand what is your application purpose.
  • Social links with your app will increase your popularity (facebook, twitter, …)
  • You might consider going with a promotion booster which will make your app enter into the top rankings
  • Think about optimizing your application keywords, a LOT of people use the AppStore search tool (around 65%). Use a iOS keyword tool to help you to build your keyword list (ex:
  • Track your user reviews. Top rated apps attract people, and most of the top ranked app are highly rated with 4 or 5 stars)

feel free to comment and share your ideas, we will update the list !

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